Useful Recalls, Dictionaries, Programs, and more.

Display a Member's Privilege Pay Status in Internet Banking

Automate Everything Including Finish, Backup, and Start
Details on automating nightly processes with notification.

This is the subroutine that is called from a dictionary and returns the number of days a share account has been negative.

File Data Changing Program
This program will take a select list and change either the value, multi-value, or subvalue to the data you need.

Automating removal of members from ORCC Bill Pay
This program will take a list of members to be removed from bill pay and create a paragraph that automates it.

Expect script to automate member declassification
If you already have expect then this expect script will take a list of member numbers and enter each one in CU0D to declassify them. Just update the login and telnet information.